Marble Track 3 Construction

This website follows their progress, tracking who made what, and how all the parts fit together.

Introducing… Marble Track 3 Construction Crew...

These guys are great! Just look at them go!


Caret Splitter Feeder Extension Reflection

This piece will essentially roll small and medium marbles from the middle of the track to bounce...

Made by:
Guides into Back Right Medium Landing Zone

Placed the Guides into Back Right Medium Landing Zone...

Two Ends Chopped Off Triple Splitter

These pieces were removed from the Triple Splitter because they stuck too far past the edge the stage...

Triple Splitter Small Feeder

This piece will guide small marbles from an as-yet-unnamed splitter which will deliver small marbles...

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You can support Marble Track 3 Construction in a variety of ways. Once Marble Track 3 Construction is finished, the person or entity who has given the most support will receive the actual Marble Track 3 track itself.

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